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TPS/i update
Dear readers,

Are you prepared for the future? At Fronius, when we develop our welding systems, we make sure they’ll have a long service life and can be upgraded at any time, making them fit for the future. That’s why all TPS/i welding systems already available on the market are now becoming even more user-friendly. It’s all thanks to a free software update – the hot topic in this edition of our Weld Informed newsletter. This extensive facelift is quick and easy to load on all devices and is available right now. 

The highlight of the software update is the new, customizable user interface. It allows you to display all frequently used settings directly on the main screen and hide less frequently used ones. Watch our product video to find out how quickly this all works. 

The hugely simplified menu makes operation easier than ever, dynamic graphics help to find the optimal welding parameters, and all proven characteristics (e.g. “root” for secure root formation or “mix” for the fastest vertical-up seams) can be retrieved with a single click. Check out our product page to discover the highlights that make our TPS/i so special.

But even the best welding system is only as good as the person who uses it. Extensive experience and routine don’t fully protect against operating errors. So how can you prevent these? You’ll find the answers in this month’s blog.

Alongside the issue of skills shortages, sustainability is one of the major driving forces in welding technology. That’s why we will be presenting the corresponding solutions at the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN trade fair in Essen (September 11-15). Visit our website for all the latest information about our upcoming trade fair appearance.

We hope you enjoy this latest issue!

Your Fronius Weld Informed Team
Simplified and faster handling of the TPS/i | New firmware update
Customized, intuitive, and self-explanatory
We’ve been able to massively improve usability, thanks to the latest software update for TPS/i. The graphical-dynamic display of the individual welding parameters (such as arc position or pulse correction) makes your daily welding work easier and you can now arrange them on the customizable user interface entirely according to your preferences.
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Equipped today for the challenges of tomorrow
The TPS/i is one of the most state-of-the-art welding systems and, with its huge power capacity of up to 600 A, it meets the highest demands for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum applications. The intelligent equipment, modular structure, and multitude of expansion options of the welding system provide the necessary flexibility and efficiency for all manner of applications. As such, you already have the perfect solution for tomorrow’s challenges at your fingertips, so you can fully unleash your welding potential.
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Things you should know, but don’t (yet!)
Successful welding has a lot to do with experience, but sometimes routine in the job also has its disadvantages. For example, if operator errors become habitual or if state-of-the-art welding systems are treated in exactly the same way as their decades-old predecessor models. In this blog article, you’ll learn six little known facts about your welding system that you should be aware of if you want to weld better and more efficiently.
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Save the Date!
“SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN”, the world’s leading international trade fair for joining, cutting, and surfacing, will take place at the Messe Essen exhibition center from September 11 to 15, 2023. Visit us at Stand 3B55 in Hall 3, and see for yourself the new and proven solutions for quality assurance, skills shortages, and resource efficiency. Visit our trade fair website for an overview of what awaits you at the Fronius exhibition stand in Essen.
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