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Welding is one of mankind’s oldest and most traditional joining processes and it’s hard to think of life without it, particularly in industry and trade. However, the demanding interplay of metallurgy, physics and electrical engineering also entails certain hazards from which all welders must always be protected.
One key issue is certainly the exposure to welding fumes. We are combating this problem with two powerful extraction systems Fronius Exento HighVac and Fronius Exento LowVac.
You can see how the perfect match of the ergonomically shaped Exento fume extraction torch and the compact, mobile high-vacuum extraction system Exento HighVac works in our latest product video.
All further details and information about the Exento LowVac — which, owing to its flexible extraction arm, is used wherever fume extraction torches can’t be used — can be found on our website.
But what can actually be found in welding fumes and what makes them so dangerous? Our blog this month provides the answers. Our Health & Safety brochure is also a great recommendation for anyone who would like to know more about optimal protection for welding professionals.
We want to not only constantly make the welding process safer, but also more efficient. In our latest application story, you can discover how at Swiss Moser AG, the Fronius TPS 500i ensures up to 40% higher welding speeds with consistently high quality.

Happy reading!

Your Fronius Weld Informed team
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Compact, portable, reliable: The Exento welding fume extraction system
Providing the greatest possible protection against welding fumes isn’t just about compliance with standards. Companies implement this to demonstrate responsibility for their welding professionals and all other people working in the immediate vicinity. Fronius has therefore developed the new, user-friendly Exento fume extraction torch and two portable, powerful Exento extraction systems to provide effective protection against welding fumes.
Exento HighVac | Fume extraction
The perfectly matched duo
With the newly designed Exento fume extraction torch — compliant with EN ISO 21904-1 — welding fumes are detected with pinpoint accuracy before they spread. This works perfectly with the new Exento high-vacuum extraction system which demonstrates its power where long-term performance is required for the removal of fumes and dust. The Exento fume extraction torch and the Exento HighVac extraction system are perfectly matched—see for yourself.
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Risk-free welding
They wind their way through the mouth and nose to the smallest branches of the lungs, thereby creeping into the body. We’re talking about welding fumes. Our blog explains what makes these so dangerous, how they develop and how best to protect yourself against them.
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Occupational health and safety – the be-all and end-all
Welding fume protection, UV and glare protection, flame and heat protection as well as ergonomics. The protective measures to be taken depend on the welding process, the base material, and the filler metal. However, one thing is certain: If you have optimal protection and a high level of comfort while welding, you will also achieve consistently high quality.
Fronius has made, and continues to make, essential contributions to the health and comfort of all welding professionals as a pioneer in the field of welding protection. Our Health & Safety brochure provides a detailed overview.
Customer Story | MOSER AG: Dump truck in tough construction site use
Fronius TPS 500i
Speed and flexibility are key factors for every manufacturing company, but they must never be prioritized at the expense of quality. This also applies to Swiss Moser AG. Our application story sheds light on how the tipper and vehicle manufacturer was able to noticeably increase its efficiency with the aid of the precisely adjustable characteristics of the TPS 500i while retaining consistently high quality.
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