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Fronius Easy Documentation & TIG Dynamic Wire
Dear readers,

High-quality welds demand routine and experience in using the welding torch. If you don’t feel comfortable relying on this alone, comprehensive welding data documentation is a similarly indispensable way of checking and validating the quality of individual welds, which is precisely what more and more customers are now demanding.

Fronius Easy Documentation provides the perfect answer, offering every user a new and especially user-friendly way of recording welding data.
Take a look at our current application story to see how simple it is. This story explains how a steel carport was welded together with the assistance of Easy Documentation. If you’re still not convinced, our website contains a wealth of additional information on the subject. In addition, our latest How-to video provides clear step-by-step instructions.

The new Fronius TIG DynamicWire Welding Package also promises greater ease of use. An automatically adjusted wirefeeder renders obsolete the two-handed dexterity that was previously required during cold wire TIG welding. This latest Fronius innovation will allow you to once more devote all your attention to creating the perfect weld. You can find out how by visiting our product page, where a video will demonstrate exactly how it works.

Happy reading!

Your Fronius Weld Informed Team
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Easy Documentation for the TransSteel series
Your TransSteel device is now alert. Yes, you heard that right. The Easy Documentation option enables you to exactly reproduce even the smallest weld. This applies to all TransSteel series devices produced from July 2020 onwards – apart from the TransSteel 2200C and 2700C.
HowTo | Use Easy Documentation to record welding data
How to – Welding data documentation made simple
The key element in producing the customized documentation of your welding data is the USB thumb drive enclosed with your device. Simply connect it to your TransSteel device, do your welding, transfer, and it’s done!
Our How-to video shows you how fast this process is – take a look!
Customer Story | Project   carport
Welding data documentation for carport construction
Stable, fault-free welds are especially important for load-bearing steel structures.
Easy Documentation enables you to reproduce the welding operation down to the last welding parameter to provide the necessary level of safety and the perfect welding result.

Our latest application story reveals how we used Easy Documentation to do this when erecting a steel carport.
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TIG Dynamic Wire
An innovation with fully automated self-regulation for cold wire TIG welding.
Unlike the conventional continuous wirefeeding used with cold wire systems, TIG DynamicWire ensures that the wire speed is actively adapted to the prevailing circumstances.
The result is that the right amount of wire is always provided, component tolerances are compensated for, and perfect TIG welds are produced. You’ll find all the information you need on our website!
TIG DynamicWire
Perfect TIG welds – child’s play, even for amateurs
Set up in a flash: our patented TIG DynamicWire Welding Package makes it easier even for inexperienced welders to create perfect welds. An additional bonus is that long training sessions are no longer needed. Manual TIG welding has never been so easy!

Just set a single welding parameter and start welding: simply enable the software, switch to TIG SynergicMode, and watch how the remaining welding parameters are automatically selected with the help of material-specific characteristics.
Sound easy? It is! Take a look at our new product video to see for yourself!
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Intelligent cold wire TIG welding
Intelligent control of the new TIG DynamicWire Welding Package is available with immediate effect for existing iWave systems – so don’t delay, upgrade today!
Enabling the software will make it immediately available for use across the iWave 300i to 500i power categories.
With all its advantages, the iWave with cold wire feed technology and TIG DynamicWire provide a welcome boost in times of skills shortages.
Our very latest news release contains all you need to know about this trailblazing innovation.
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