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TransSteel multiprocess series and automotive conference
Dear readers,

Welding processes in the construction industry, plant construction, aviation, and shipping all share two common features: they all tend to involve steel welding, usually by hand. The welders undertaking this work therefore literally have a great deal of responsibility in their hands and thus need a partner they can rely on. 

Whether it’s a construction site or a workshop, an agricultural holding or metalworking company, our TransSteel multiprocess series covers MIG/MAG, TIG, and arc welding all to a professional level, making it first choice every time.

The multiprocess devices have an intuitive operating concept, which enables welders to get started immediately, without any prior knowledge of the technology. Take a look for yourself in our new how-to video!

But that’s not all—thanks to the TransSteel 3000 C Pulse, the TransSteel series can now also cater for pulsed arc welding. Parameters can be adjusted easily via the main menu, which enables controlled intermediate arc welding. For further information about this, please visit our website.

The pulse function enables higher welding speeds for larger material thicknesses. This is thanks to the pulse arc, which reduces reworking as less welding spatter is produced. To find out what this looks like in detail, see our application story.

As well as reducing the need for reworking, pulsing offers a range of other benefits over other arc types when welding with steel. To find out exactly what these are, see our blog entry. 

The 7th international Joining Smart Technologies automotive conference will provide answers to many burning questions pertaining to the hot topics of sustainability and digitalization. Secure your place online now!

We hope you enjoy reading!

Your Fronius Weld Informed Team
Ready to Use in Three Quick Steps
The TransSteel series stands out thanks to its intelligent design and easy operation. All you need to do is select gas, wire diameter, and material thickness and you are ready to weld. See for yourself.
The Beginner-Friendly All-Rounder
The TransSteel 3000 C Pulse combines MIG/MAG, TIG, and manual arc welding in one device, so there is no need to purchase any other welding device. The addition of the pulse function means the welding devices are now true all-rounders, supporting welding technicians with a range of functions for all sorts of applications.
Pulsing is Simply Better!
Many welders who work with steel describe pulsing as “the better way to weld.” And probably the most decisive aspect here is the fact that if welding technicians use the pulsed arc as standard, they hardly ever need to change the parameters on the welding system. But when is pulsing suitable and when isn’t it?
More Efficient Farming Thanks to the Pulse Function
Organic farmer Andreas Hoffmann from “Hafner zu Wanzbach” makes most of the farming tools and equipment he uses on his 20-hectare farm himself, including modifications and maintenance. He finds that the many benefits of the TransSteel 3000 C Pulse really come in handy for these projects. 
Save the Date!
The 7th international Joining Smart Technologies automotive conference will take place on May 10 and 11, 2023 at Fronius’ production location in Sattledt (Austria). Renowned speakers will be presenting and discussing aspects of sustainability from various different perspectives. What are the stand-out trends and developments in joining technology in the automotive industry? What challenges are facing the automotive and supply industry on the path to more sustainable production? What opportunities does digitalization offer in this context?
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