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Shortage of skilled workers and TIG DynamicWire
Liebe Leserinnen und Leser,

"A trade in hand finds gold in every land" – an old saying that still holds true today. Yet when it comes to highly qualified welders in particular, the shortage of skilled workers is a significant issue which will likely continue to challenge us over this coming year. Outstanding welder training and a high level of user-friendliness for all our products are two ways in which Fronius is responding to this challenge.

Working in close cooperation with our customers, we are developing solutions to make welders' work easier so that they can achieve optimal welding results. One of these solutions is TIG DynamicWire. The innovative advantage when compared to a conventional continuous wirefeed in cold-wire systems lies in its automatic self-regulation. It has never been so easy to achieve perfect welds in the fine art of TIG welding. You can see how quickly and easily the Fronius iWave can be retrofitted with the TIG DynamicWire Welding Package in our latest product video.

Minimal training time, maximum handling – find out about these and all other advantages alongside the complete technical details about the TIG DynamicWire Welding Package on our website.

Is welding with the tungsten electrode rightly regarded as the elite discipline of the welding industry? And what makes manual TIG welding particularly challenging for welders? Our blog post provides the answers.

There can be no specialist welders without the right training. Sometimes this takes place at Fronius under realistic conditions, with common workpieces, but without the safety risks and material wear. This is made possible by Virtual Welding – the welder training tool of the future. More information is available online.

Are you now wondering which bright minds are behind such innovations? We asked ourselves the same question and went off to speak with them. In our series "What does ... actually do?", this month we are focusing on the welding app developers. You can read the article here.

Happy reading!

Your Fronius Weld Informed Team
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TIG cold-wire welding made easy
Unlike welding with a constant wirefeed, with TIG DynamicWire and the dynamic wirefeed, the process actively adjusts to the welding behavior, torch position, and current conditions, even compensating automatically for component tolerances of up to 30%. The result? Perfect welds every time.
HowTo | Set up TIG DynamicWire
Easy to upgrade and retrofit
Equipped with cold-wire components, iWave systems from 300i–500i can be quickly upgraded with the TIG DynamicWire Welding Package. Simply activate the software and start welding! Learn step-by-step how the iWave can be quickly and easily retrofitted with the TIG DynamicWire Welding Package in our how-to video.
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Precise, high quality, but not for everyone?
Did you know that TIG welding is the only process that allows all metals to be welded to a high quality? For example, it is the first choice for joining bacteria-resistant aluminum or stainless steel containers in the food industry. However, not all components can be automatically welded. Manual TIG welding requires a high level of manual dexterity – is it therefore rightly considered an elite discipline?
NL Teaser Virtual Welding
Virtual training for maximum knowledge
With Fronius Virtual Welding, prospective welders can learn, practice, and consolidate basic welding skills step-by-step under realistic conditions. Whether with the StandUp terminal or Mobile Case, training is carried out with ergonomically designed welding torches and adjustable welding parameters. The complete concept includes practical training sessions with the simulator, theoretical content, and tests to assess what has been learned. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly as there is no material wear at all. 
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´╗┐The programming code for the weld
Apps have long been a fixture in welding – not only when it comes to conveniently controlling a welding system, but also when learning the welding trade. But what – or rather who – is actually behind the development of welding apps?
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