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Fronius is opening its first prototype production facility in Austria. You can find out what this concept is all about and what it is based on in our current hot topic.

You can also find out how you can reduce welding spatter by up to 75% with the Fronius Low Spatter Control process variant. Welding in shipbuilding is another sector with great welding challenges and the Gulet customer story offers you the perfect look behind the scenes. We are also delighted to present the latest issue of our customer magazine Perfect Welding – The Magazine.

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Hot topic: New prototypING center
From the feasibility study to small series production: the demand for novel components and innovative welding solutions is increasing, such as the welding of battery trays in the automotive industry. Since the beginning of December, prototype construction can be outsourced to our prototyping center in Wels, Upper Austria. Read on to find out how prototype production works and what advantages it offers.
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LSC – Low Spatter Control Process
The low spatter welding process: thanks to the modified dip transfer arc with particularly high arc stability, you can benefit from up to 75% less welding spatter. The use of LSC thereby guarantees high-quality weld seams even in the transition and spray arc phases.
More about LSC
Welding in shipbuilding
It is certainly a Herculean task: confined spaces require great skill and a suitable welding position. Welding while lying down or kneeling is part of everyday life here. In the customer story of the Croatian shipyard Gulet, you can read all about the challenges of building large yachts.
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Perfect Welding – The Magazine.
In the new 2020 edition we celebrate 75 years of Fronius and take a look back on our history. Where does Fronius currently stand and where are we heading? You can also read about our unique service network, our innovations in the market for manual welding systems, and developments in the field of automated welding – especially WireSense!
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