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  The intelligent welding system  
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Our current hot topic is the intelligent MIG/MAG welding system TPS/i. But what makes it so impressive and why is it an ’intelligent’ system?
In addition, we are pleased to introduce our assistance systems for robotic welding. Thanks to these innovative technologies, you save time and money in the long run!

In the latest issue we also support you in choosing the right MIG/MAG welding torch and in determining the appropriate welding parameters via an app.

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Hot topic: Welding with the TPS/i
Whether for manual or mechanized use, on steel or aluminum: the intelligent MIG/MAG welding system TPS/i is suitable for almost every application. Thanks to its modular design and easy upgrade options, the TPS/i can be configured to meet your requirements. But why is the TPS/i called an ’intelligent’ system? This is due to the wide range of communication functions. Read more about this now.
Find out more about the TPS/i
Assistance systems for robots
The important factors concerning robotic programming are clearly greater efficiency and quality of the welding task. We offer assistance systems for robotic welding that help to save time and money. WireSense detects and compensates for component and clamping tolerances, while TeachMode ensures that the welding wire is not bent during robot programming. Find out more about these systems now.
Read more about the robot assistance systems
Which MIG/MAG welding torch should I use?
The choice of welding torches for MIG/MAG welding is huge! Among the variations are differences in the type of cooling as well as in the control elements on the torch, which influence the operability. Learn more about choosing the right MIG/MAG welding torch in our blog article.
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Efficient manufacturing of large components
When welding components for excavators, truck trailers, or combine harvesters, high-performance welds are often used. With the TPS 600i and the TPS/i Twin Push System, we offer the perfect solutions. Our magazine article explains what makes this form of welding ’high performance’.
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The app for every welder
WeldConnect: In order to determine the correct parameters for a high-quality weld seam, several test welds are often necessary. With WeldConnect, this becomes a thing of the past. By entering just a few pieces of information, such as welding process and material, the app calculates the optimum welding parameters. WeldConnect is available free of charge for Android and iOS.
Find out more about WeldConnect
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